Turnkey Custom Projects

Our expertise enables us to carry out turnkey projects, from floor to ceiling.

From all types of new construction to renovation work, we cater to your needs.

The beauty in concrete is that it can dress all the rooms of a building and in a very aesthetic way… The possibilities are countless and we are experts!

  • Repair of food-processing facilities, commercial and industrial buildings

  • Concrete formwork for food-processing facilities, commercial and industrial buildings

  • Radiant concrete flooring

  • Concrete structures

  • Reservoirs and tanks

  • Insulating formwork


New Remarkable Technology

Option Béton uses a brand new vinyl based product, comprised of concrete and urethane, which brings together advantageous characteristics: eco-energetic, soundproof, fire-resistant, ideal for structural or finishing work, insulating and that which promotes constancy of the interior temperature.

Do you have any questions? We will have the answers. Do not hesitate to consult our experts for any project: concrete maintenance for the terrace, repair of concrete slabs, new and audacious design or construction of a complete building, from the basement to the roof!